• "A dazzling tale of misbegotten dreams and desires, hopes and expectations, woven with poetry and storyteller magic."

    Amy Tan
  • "An unusual, clever, and often exquisite first novel...The result is rather as if Isabel Allende met Laura Esquivel."

    Los Angeles Times
  • "A splendid novel, beautifully conceived and crafted."

    Pat Conroy
  • "Mythical and mystical, Mistress of Spices is reminiscent of fables and fairy tales. . . . The story Divakaruni tells is transporting, but it is her gift for metaphor that makes this novel live and breathe, its pages as redolent as any freshly ground spice."

  • "For ARRANGED MARRIAGE, 'As irresistible as the impulse which leads her characters to surface to maturity, raising their heads above the floods of silver ignorance'"

    New York Times Book Review