• "One of the highlights of the year . . . Reminiscent of On the Road and Catcher in the Rye, this is a seminal book about modern youth . . . Pertinent and profound work, instantly worthy of the label "modern classic""

    Jake Hope, The Bookseller
  • "Gray, with excellent timing, keeps the plot light and humourous, despite dealing with suicide, loss of friendship and bullying"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "A gripping tale of loss, guilt, revenge and redemption and contains touches of gallows humour that will be of particular appeal to the teen audience. Gray has managed to mainatin the high standard of his previous work and while this text does not alienate teenage girls. It will be of particular appeal to teenage boys"

    The School Librarian
  • "An exceptionally involving and affecting novel"

    Books for Keeps
  • "Funny, page-turning and profound"

    Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times