• "Wraith-like jokes pushing at the margins of taste... inspired imagination"

    The Independent
  • "A hilarious and subtly thought-provoking story"

    The 100 Best Books
  • "A marvellous story... You think this is a good book? Right. It is funny, poignant, angry, outrageous and moving. Were it a movie, you'd leave the cinema wondering whether you were crying with laughter or because of the passion and compassion of the story. ... [this book is] the best he has ever written, one that would shift him - were there any justice - from the ranks of "mere" bestsellerdom into the realm of "literature"... it also makes you look again at the way we live"

    Vector Magazine
  • "Terry Pratchett uses his wicked sense of humour to hilarious effect in his new fantasy story...anyone over ten can find something to smile about here"

    Daily Mail