• "For readers who are attracted to epic but not quite ready for the weightiness of Tolkien, this is a perfect entrée; for those who have loved or will love Pratchett, it’s simply a must read."

    Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
  • "Only a writer with a masterstroke of imagination could place an entire empire of goodies and baddies within the fronds of a carpet"

    Daily Mail
  • "The perfect starting place for young readers . . . seasoned Pratchett fans will just revel in his wit, his subversion of tropes and his sense of humanity."

  • "A unique piece of high fantasy . . . Now very witty and politically aware in its revised version with the new ending"

  • "The story is inventive in its carefully worked-out central conceit, often very funny, and dotted with some genuinely scary bits."

    Publishers Weekly