• "Some will see her as an anti-Christ, a mischievous scholar determined to destroy Christianity. To others she will be a source of comfort and peace enabling them to live Christian lives without having to accept as fact Jesus's divinity, his miracles, the virgin birth and resurrection."

    The Australian
  • "[The] sensational nature [of the book's findings] may disguise the strength of the research and scholarship which Thiering has deployed in the course of her narrative."

    The Sunday Times
  • "The impact of Jesus the Man...may be as profound as that of Darwin's Origin of Species on theories of human origins."

  • "This massive work of courage and conviction throws much of what the Church teaches out the stained-glass window."

    The Age, Melbourne
  • "At once the New Testament is changed and we are thrust into a landscape of warring sects and cults; it is exhilarating, as if the over-familiar narrative of the New Testament had been invaded by real people and authentic places."

    The Times