• "This magical, mythical, moving story of love, sacrifice and simmering sensuality is something I shall savour for a long time"

    Maureen Lipman
  • "It's a joy... it has an energetic charm that's quite impossible to resist"

    Literary Review
  • "If originality, a compelling tale and an adventure in the kitchen are what you crave, Like Water For Chocolate serves up the full helping"

    Carla Matthews, San Francisco Chronicle
  • "A wondrous, romantic tale, fuelled by mystery and superstitition as well as by the recipes that introduce each chapter"

    Los Angeles Times
  • "Exuberant... for those who like their wines full-bodied and their meals rich and zesty... earthly secrets of strength, suffering, passion and cooking in a humorous and well-drawn portrait of a woman who loves as well as she cooks"

    Washington Post

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