• "Delivers its jokes and its tragedies as efficiently as Dickens...outrageously funny on almost every page...will dazzle readers for years to come."

    London Review of Books
  • "A debut novel of astonishing confidence and skill...Acutely observant, overflowing with good jokes, it is the work of an author who loves her characters and sets them playing with gleeful energy"

  • "An astounding book...without doubt one of the finest novels I have read for years"

    The Times
  • "Little short of a masterpiece...Fizzing with wit and energy, Kate Atkinson's hilarious novel made me laugh and cry"

    Daily Mail
  • "A blinding debut from a Yorkshire mother-of-two who could be Alan Bennett's baby sister...straight-up simplicity veils the depth, poignancy and poetry of her story"

    Time Out
  • "Enchanting. It hops with sprightly omniscence from past to future and back again"

    The Sunday Times
  • "A really gripping, emotionally satisfying family saga written with warmth and wit. I've re-read it countless times."