• "Into the pale politeness of post-feminism, Greer has thrown a polemical bomb . . . Greer's acid anger comes as a surprising reminder of what the point of a feminist book was meant to be. It is funny, unforgiving, unapologetic, unappeasing."

  • "Don't underestimate this book. Its power, like that of The Female Eunuch, lies in the virtuosity and wit of its questions. Its capacity will force us to stop and think."

  • "Three cheers for Greer . . . She makes every other feminist writer look like pallid fast food, devoid of vitamins and roughage."

    Evening Standard
  • "This is a serious book which it is impossible to be neutral about."

    Irish Independent
  • "Reading The Whole Woman has been a mega-vitamin shot. I feel rearmed, revitalised."

    The Australian