• "Punchline fuelled, relentless humour...I don't think a woman is going to get much closer to the workings of a man's mind than this. Giggling several times a page with plenty of out-loud laughs is guaranteed. Is John O'Farrell funny? Very"

    Daily Mirror
  • "So funny because it rings true... Packed with painfully well-observed jokes"

    The Times
  • "A hilarious confessional narrative. This wickedly observed page-turner lets bachelor-nostalgia joyride to its absurd conclusion... Piquant and irreverently sardonic"

    Literary Review
  • "This is SO good... so insightful about men, women, love and parenthood that you read every page with a wince of recognition. Fab, fab, fab"

    India Knight
  • "Excellent... Things Can Only Get Better will make you laugh out loud"

    Angus Deayton