• "An astonishing novel . . . I marvelled at the ferociousness of the humour, and the willingness to go into dark places . . . Were Terry not demonstrably a master craftsman already, The Amazing Maurice might be considered his masterpiece"

    Financial Times
  • "One of Terry Pratchett's funniest creations of recent years . . . It all adds up to a wonderful book - hilarious, brilliantly constructed and, especially towards its conclusion, shot through with an edginess to balance the laughs"

  • "Ethically challenging, beautifully orchestrated"

  • "An enticing and occasionally gory introduction to the master of flat earth . . . proves that the Pied Piper of Hamelin was a front for an insider-dealing scam . . . alongside the gags and pest-control politics, there are enough complex ideas about nature, nurture and understanding to satisfy a wide audience"

  • "The humour is sophisticated and demands that the reader keep up to speed. A passion for language, wordplay and puns bursts from the pages"

    Daily Telegraph