• "A beautifully tactile and relective meditation on the outsider's experience of a community, it is sharp and lyrical, occasionally a little whimsical, but always pushing towards the truth."

    The Times
  • "The most authentic, enjoyable and evocative book on French village life that I have read in years. It deserves to be a hit!"

    Joanne Harris
  • "A warm and wistful account of adapting to a new country and the heartache it brings."

  • "Wonderfully evocative, with a plangent note of longing, this is one for those dreary February commutes to work."

    Marie Claire
  • "As beguiling and as enigmatically seductive a piece of writing as you could ask for . . . A beautifully tactile and reflective meditation on the outsider's experience of a community."

    The Times