• "'A well-paced, ambitious crime novel, handled with sensitivity'"

  • "'Ambitious and, in terms of British crime writing, original. It escapes the leaden plotting and ingratiating rhetoric of much hard-case literature'"

    The Times Literary Supplement
  • "'Like Ian Rankin, he readily combines bleakness with extraordinary compassion; like Elmore Leonard and Raymond Chandler, he operates in a world where justice is not always the province of the law; and, like James Ellroy, he can endow the most extreme acts of retribution with poetic resonance. Yet the voice is absolutely his own'"

    New Statesman
  • "'Jimmy Mack . . . is the eloquent narrator of Gareth Creer's third novel and, to a familiar story of big money, death and deception, he brings a strange poetry . . . this is a curious novel, and perhaps rare for the genre in its sensitivity, merging as it does the romanticism of crime with a wonder for the world about us'"

    James Hopkin, The Times
  • "'Amid the devilish plot twists Creer makes room to flesh out his principals most satisfyingly, and establish a page-blurring pace which he underpins with a unique and oddly lush economy of language'"

    Chris Power, The Times