• "'As carefully crafted as the glass bowls that Jacob makes to find solace. It is a novel wrapped or revealed by layer after layer of inferences and resonances, all moving towards a telling symmetry, and the disclosure of simple yet emotional stories of suffering and survival'"

    James Hopkin, Independent on Sunday
  • "'Edric's language has a mythic, almost biblical quality, where every word carries due weight and you have the eerie sense of things being left out . . . what makes Edric's writing profound is his refusal to be tidy or dogmatic . . . he is a great novelist'"

    John de Falbe, Spectator
  • "'Peacetime gradually unravels the contradictory human impulses that bind lives . . . a moral dissection of loyalty, forgiveness and hatred'"

    James Urquhart, The Times
  • "'A novel of ambition and skill, at once a historical meditation, an evocation of a disintegrating society and, perhaps most strikingly, a family melodrama'"

    Francis Gilbert, New Statesman
  • "'Has a seriousness and a psychological edge that nine out of ten novelists would give their eye teeth to possess'"

    D.J. Taylor, The Sunday Times