• "'Superb...Carlyon's writing is so vivid that you almost imagine yourself present. A stunning achievement'"

    Saul David, Daily Telegraph
  • "'Incisive, emotionally-charged and visceral...blends a real feel for the fighting soldier with a firm grasp of the strangely beautiful countryside which saw such a bewildering mix of tragedy, missed opportunity and wasted heroism. A hard-hitting and heart-breaking book'"

    Richard Holmes
  • "'Carlyon is a gifted writer...his book deserves to take its place alongside other classic accounts of Gallipoli. He conveys the beauty of the place and its ugliness 90 years ago'"

    John Keegan, Daily Telegraph
  • "'The book of the year...the most stunning account of the Anzac boneyard'"

    Alan Ramsey, Sydney Morning Herald
  • "'A brilliantly managed narrative and remarkably even-handed...a superb account'"

    Trevor Royle, Glasgow Herald