• "This is a harrowing, haunting and heartening book - a loss-story which is also a love story. It takes us deep inside the question of what it means to be human."

    Andrew Motion
  • "Sometimes terrifying, sometimes very funny, and always deeply moving, Deborah Wearing's beautifully written testament to a love that survives all the ravages of her husband's amnesia is a book to seize the heart."

    Lindsay Clarke, author of the Whitbread winning The Chymical Wedding
  • "A remarkable book: absorbing, moving and humbling."

    Fay Weldon
  • "Loving, terrifying and often extremely funny, an astonishing voyage into the very heart of what makes us human."

    Deborah Moggach
  • "I had the privilege of filming a documentary about Deborah and Clive and like the rest of the crew I was immediately struck with the extraordinary patience and affection with which Deborah dealt with this appalling ordeal. In Forever Today she takes us further than ever into this remarkable experience."

    Jonathan Miller