• "An absorbing book that conveys the raw Spanish experience - its heat, dust, light and shade - with rare and startling actuality. Admirers of his first two books will have their high regard confirmed by this one. Newcomers should start here. They will not be disappointed"

    Literary Review
  • "Written with considerable power and beauty"

    The Sunday Times
  • "The term "romantic traveller", once used indiscriminately by Spaniards to describe any foreigner with a passionate interest in Spain, seems particularly applicable to Jason Webster... you are likely to be seduced by his powers as a storyteller"

  • "Squarely in the Almodovarian reality of contemporary Spain... goes straight to the heart"

    Tomas Graves
  • "Webster's surely right to see the legacy of the war in terms of - often turbulent - undercurrents; for him it informs a little-known and largely nasty side of Spain... revelatory and rings true"

    The Scotsman