• "For style and wit, it is head and shoulders above most teen fiction published this year"

    Amanda Craig, The Times
  • "I loved, loved, loved this book. It's vivid, it's anarchic, it's unbearably cool . . . It's also very, very funny. There were moments when I had to put it down because I was howling with laughter . . . And if so much hilarity weren't enough, it's also very clever"

    Jill Murphy,
  • "A book to get teenage boys reading for the hell of it . . . A dark and funny book"

    Phil Hogan, Observer
  • "Definitely the funniest, most obscenely wise book I have read in a long time"

    Theo Temple, Booktrust Teenage Prize judge, The Times
  • "Every writer hates to hear the words "stunning new talent" applied to someone else, but in the case of Anthony McGowan nothing else will do"

    Meg Rosoff