• "A quirky and enjoyable read."

  • "Nicholson's critically acclaimed last novel, The Society of Others and Oscar-nominated screenplays, Shadowlands and Gladiator, prove his talent . . . Hopefully The Trial of True Love will make his name as famous as his work."

  • "He is an expert in understanding and depicting human emotions. His ideas and language are wonderfully involving and perceptive. This novel is a real find: clever, funny, subtle and hopelessly romantic. I loved every word . . . the key to this novel's success is that it asks all the best questions. Does love at first sight really exist?"

    Daily Express
  • "A mixture of existential thriller and romantic in artistic allusions"

    Mail on Sunday
  • "Erudite, funny and disarming, this is a love story for grown-ups, with an ending that, by simultaneously defying and fulfilling the reader's romantic expectations, manages to be entirely satisfying."

    Christina Koning, The Times