• "I drew back in some alarm when told on its jacket that Score! was wildly funny, unashamedly romantic, terrifyingly creepy. I pressed bravely on nonetheless, and found with surprise that Score! is indeed all these things and even more"

    John Bayley, Spectator
  • "Absolutely wonderful, such fun and so busy and gossipy"

    Penny Vincenzi
  • "Has all the usual Cooper ingredients, fantastically attractive male and female characters, lots of extra-marital affairs and dollops of good humour, but there is a difference in this novel as it is also a murder mystery"

    Linda Roberts, Daily Mail
  • "Romance, glamour, seismic sex and delightful comedy... this book is a slice of heaven: pure, blissful escapism"

    Kate Saunders, New Statesman
  • "A deliciously funny, lusty, riproaring read with the added dimension of suspense and murder"

    Sally Feldman, Good Housekeeping