• "Drake crams plenty into his plot - murder, court intrigue, a rogue army roaming the hidden valleys of the Middle East and a ruthless female warrior with the hots for his hero"

    The Sunday Times (Culture)
  • "In Drake's hands, ancient Egypt comes to life with all its treachery, vengeance, passion and power. A stunning achievement"

    M. C. SCOTT
  • "Drake takes an ancient, long-lost civilization and makes it feel frighteningly familiar. I was captivated from first page to last"

  • "Richly imagined, fiendishly plotted, gruesomely evocative, this is the storytelling equivalent of 'shedeh' - the most prized of ancient Egyptian beverages"

  • "This much can be stated with assurance: this novel will be a huge hit with fans of the series, of Egypt-themed mysteries, of modern-day thrillers, and - what the heck - anyone not included in those groups"

    Booklist (starred review)