• "'Not only a great addition to the Jack Reacher novels but a superb book in its own right ... dazzling ... will grip readers from the first page and will further cement Lee Child's reputation as a world-class thriller writer ... This is everything a thriller should be.'"

  • "'Jack Reacher is a seriously tough but unbendingly moral loner, a taciturn modern-day Galahad who attracts violence like a magnet ... violent and exciting.'"

    Irish Independent
  • "'Jack Reacher, Lee Child's sublime, all action, sex on legs with a big gun, crime buster.'"

    Daily Record
  • "'"Unputdownable" is a phrase too often used in book reviews, but Child's irrepressible characters, all-absorbing plots and attention to criminological detail ... make this a gripper from start to finish ... it's ass-kicking crime writing at its most thrilling, uncompromising best.'"

    Daily Record
  • "'The question is not whether this is a book of any literary merit - it isn't, nor was intended to be - but why is it so effective? ... People who should know better are reading him, secreted behind the dust cover of the new Don DeLillo ... A timely antidote to the type of Hornby/ Lott man who has dominated recent fiction in all their stuttering, feckless, list-making self-doubt. Reacher knows how to strip a gun and how to strip a lady.'"

    Private Eye