• "Much of the fascination of Marnham's well-researched and admirably impartial book is that it reveals just how autobiographical Wesley's fiction was"

    Miranda Seymour, Sunday Times
  • "[A] fast-paced riveting biography"

    Valerie Grove, The Times
  • "A striking portrait not only of an amazing, if strange, woman but of an entire social class"

    Rachel Cooke, Evening Standard
  • "Unpicks the complicated web of deceits and half-truths that surrounded much of her life with wit, patience and skill, providing just the sort of compelling read that Wesley did in her novel"

  • "This biography is pure pleasure, a riveting, hilarious tragicomedy of manners... Marnham has disentangled truth from rumour, clarified the many connections between Wild Mary's rackety life and Mary Wesley's fiction, and produced a generous, unsentimental and intelligent portrait of a woman's life and times"