• "Lee Child writes edgy American thrillers to rival the likes of Thomas Harris and John Grisham"

    Daily Mirror
  • "Sixth in seriously good series featuring Jack Reacher...Exciting, absorbing and intriguing, with hero big and bold enough to handle the percussive action"

    Literary Review
  • "For most fans of Lee Child the greatest draw is his military police tough guy Jack Reacher...To be fair, Reacher is more of a thinking girl's beefcake - I can see Russell Crowe already angling for the movie part"

    The Times
  • "Jack Reacher is a most magnetic creation, tough, cool and ultimately moral"

    Irish Independent
  • "Lee Child's protagonist, Jack Reacher, is a hero in the Dirty Harry style, a man who lives by his own principles...Produces a surprising twist when it's least expected"

    Sunday Telegraph