• "When Celia Lyttelton set out to have a scent created solely for her, she found herself propelled into an adventure that would take her across the world, investigating the origins, history and culture of wonderfully exotic ingredients...The Scent Trail tells her story."

    Woman and Home
  • "A fantastic book about perfume and our sense of smell..."

    Anna Shepard, Times Online
  • "'The intriguing relationship between scent, memory and place is the underlying note in Lyttelton's journey through the history, creation and business of perfume. We are whisked to traditional perfumers' workshops, with their phial-filled antique cases, to the spice souks of Marrakech, Ottoman houses in Turkey adorned with necklaces of peppers and chillis, iris farms in Italy, and the mossy-floored cedar forests of Azrou'"

    The Australian
  • "This book offers an insight into the foreign origins of the perfumes lining chemist shelves, while taking us on a sensory adventure around the globe"

    Real Travel Magazine
  • "A magical journey of the senses"

    Yorkshire Evening Post