• "This is a well-balanced blend of school story - complete with knockabout humour - and some valuable information about classical myths and legends"

    Lyndsay Fraser, Scottish Sunday Herald
  • "Zany story with lots of information on Ancient Greece"

    Bournemouth Daily Echo
  • "An instantly involving, constantly hilarious tale"

    Andy Stanton, Junior Education
  • "This book with its eye catching metallic book cover and intriguing title just begs to be read . . . There is so much to keep young readers entertained in this book. There's magic, a clever, fast moving plot, a school setting which children can easily identify with and interesting characters. . . . Greek Mythology is a central theme and it is a masterstroke to introduce young readers to it in a very unusual way"

  • "It's as crazy as it sounds. Suspend belief and enjoy"

    Cork Evening Echo