• Mesmerising stuff ... a riveting hour-by-hour account of one day that could have changed the history of humanity

    Joanna Bourke, The Times
  • [Dobbs] has made extensive use of untapped archive material to reveal the secrets of the cloak-and-dagger operations behind the nuclear stand-off in the Caribbean... Excellent

    John Crossland, Daily Mail
  • A book with sobering new information . . . as well as contemporary relevance . . . filled with insights that will change the views of experts

    Richard Holbrooke, former US ambassador to the UN, New York Times Book Review
  • Dobb's hour-by-hour overview is a worthy study of this much mythologised fortnight . . . Dobb's chronological approach not only provides a natural sense of pace, but also allows him to illustrate the near-fatal time lag in communication between the two sides

    Time Out
  • In this compelling - and thrilling - new study by Michael Dobbs, there is much new material that forces us to revise our assumptions about the crisis... This is the first book about the crisis to tell the story of the tactical cruise missiles and the first to contain interviews with Soviet veterans. Dobbs adopts a cinematic style, cross-cutting between locations and time zones, and perfectly judges the acceleration of pace in the second half of the book which concentrates on Black Sunday. Unlike previous writers, Dobbs gives due prominence to the subplots, any one of which might have sparked mass destruction

    Christopher Silvester, Daily Express

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