• "Flawless... such mastery of narrative, imagery and feeling, the prerequisites for great prose"

    Edna O'Brien, Guardian
  • "It seems such simple and straightforward language, but it isn't. The first chapter of A Farewell to Arms is only two and a bit pages but there is almost every variety of sentence structure. It is incredibly artful writing, and part of the art is disguising that it is artful"

    John Harvey, Guardian
  • "There is something so complete in Mr. Hemingway's achievement in A Farewell to Arms that one is left speculating as to whether another novel will follow in this manner, and whether it does not complete both a period and a phase...crisply natural and convincing"

    Guardian, 1929
  • "A novel of great power"

    Times Literary Supplement
  • "Essential Hemingway...a gripping account of the life of an American volunteer in the Italian army and a poignant love story"

    Daily Express