• "[A] fascinating account of developing English."

    The Times
  • "In The Prodigal Tongue, Mark Abley investigates the deep flux in contemporary English... Attuned to pop culture as well as to stylishly covers a large amount of ground, from Lee Kuan Yew to YouTube, via Spike Lee and Ice Cube... Joyous - a paean to the dynamic energies of English."

  • "The Prodigal Tongue takes the reader on an informative and frequently entertaining journey."

    Edmonton Journal
  • "[A] witty and well-documented treatise on the ways -- some of them alarming -- in which the English language is changing"

    Winnipeg Free Press
  • "As a poet, journalist, editor, intrepid traveller, scholar and endlessly curious spirit, Abley brings an appropriately eclectic perspective to the subject. ... Writing as an inquisitive, bemused Everyman, Abley leads us on a lively intellectual journey through uncharted territory, his comfort in the zone of ambiguity making him the ideal travel guide"

    The Gazette

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