• "Provoking, unsettling, ingenious - and a delight to read"

  • "Erudite and witty... The Fall of Troy skilfully interweaves classical and 19th century stories, employing motifs from both Homer and Charlotte Bronte. This is Ackroyd's most exuberant novel for years"

    Michael Arditti, Daily Mail
  • "Ackroyd imports a Mrs Rochester theme to Turkey, and the denouement has the atmosphere of a thriller, with innocents running for their lives"

    David Horspool, Sunday Times
  • "Lurid and generally entertaining drama"

    Sue Gaisford, Independent on Sunday
  • "The Fall of Troy is above all a love story, and like the best love stories it deals in obsession, deception, madness and death"

    Elizabeth Speller, Independent