• "No contemporary writer of suspense stories tries to vary the form's boundaries more than Ruth Rendell"

  • "The Wexford books clearly display Rendell's great mastery of storytelling at its best"

    Sunday Telegraph
  • "It is hard to think of another crime writer who so effortlessly incorporates real events [...] into genre fiction, and in a serious manner... Rendell's detective fiction stands almost alone as a chronicle of the dark side of modern life... Rendell offers sufficient clues and red herrings to satisfy the msot dedicated puzzle-solver... Harm Done is a vivid demonstration of Rendell's contribution to contemporary fiction"

  • "One of the greatest novelists presently at work in our language... a writer whose work should be read by anyone who either enjoys a brilliant mystery - or distinguished literature"

    Scott Turow
  • "More lifelike than many sophisticated thrillers"

    Sunday Times