• "A glorious travel book - Edward Marriot"

    The Sunday Times
  • "[Gimlette's] account is so rich in anecdotes, so suffused in color and dialect that we are left with a sense of having somehow inhaled all this Paraguayan history and then experienced it through a nightmare or a dream. Gimlette has given us a cast of characters as vivid as any by Dickens or Waugh"

    New York Times
  • "Full of surprises, this is a riveting read"

    Sunday Telegraph
  • "Off the wall title, and a great off centre enjoyment, with a smashing, entertaining piece of writing..."

    Manchester Evening News
  • "John Gimlette's extraordinary book, part history, part travelogue, is so vivid that nobody reading it is ever likely to forget the country. - Max Davidson"

    Daily Telegraph