The Ode Less Travelled

Unlocking the Poet Within

Stephen Fry, Stephen Fry (Read by)

'One of the many joys of being Stephen Fry's editor is his ability to surprise me,' says Sue Freestone. She knew he'd really done it this time when he revealed to her that he'd always had a secret passion for poetry and that his next project was a book about how to write poetry. His book will give everybody the tools to write poetry; covering the full spectrum of the different poetic forms, structures and techniques. According to Stephen it will make writing poetry fun, easy, satisfying, fulfilling and delightful. Here is a taste of Stephen's own efforts; Lesbian Sappho made this form With two beats to the final line Her sex life wasn't quite the norm And nor is mine.
  • Audiobooks
  • Published 16th November 2005
  • 542 Minutes
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