• "Utterly original...capable of moving from irony to lament within a sentence"

  • "Reading Timequake... I feel privileged to have spent several hours in the company of a most genial, affable and upbeat soul indeed...a wise, winning and utterly charming concoction of fiction, commentary and autobiography"

    Literary Review
  • "Timequake is sweet, wild and cock-eyed... Vonnegut has always had a true comic ear... A beautifully fastidious writer, utterly original"

  • "Fascinating digressions, epigrams and memories, vitalised by Vonnegut's irrepressible intelligence and comic imagination, creating a movingly intimate work"

    Harper's Bazaar
  • "Highly entertaining... The portraits of Vonnegut's first wife, brother and sister are beautiful, sharp, critical, loving"

    New York Times Book Review