• "The best book I've read about football and working-class culture in Britain in the nineties. Buy, steal or borrow a copy now"

    Irvine Welsh
  • "Fever Pitch with testosterone and eight pints of lager. Like Fever Pitch, it is not exclusively a novel about football. This is a chronicle of a lost tribe – the white, Anglo-Saxon, heterosexual who is fed up with being told he is crap."

    Glasgow Herald
  • "Not only an outstanding read, but also an important social document... This book should be compulsory reading for all those who believe in the existence, or even attainability, of a classless society"

    Sunday Tribune
  • "Powerfully written and tells you more about the mentality of those who disrupt football matches than all the theses of the sociologist academics put together"

    Daily Mail
  • "Bleak, thought-provoking and brutal... Has all the hallmarks of a cult novel"

    Literary Review