• "Evokes that vague, sleepy enchantment which comes from dreaming of 'somewhere else'... There are echoes of Chandler, of Burroughs, of Baudelaire and even of Eliot"

    Sunday Times
  • "Mr Nicholl proves himself an addictive storyteller-A delicious addition to the library of the Briton out of his depth abroad"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "One of the most absorbing travel books I have read... No book I know gives a more perceptive glimpse of the life of the urban poor who are the majority of South Americans. A brilliant book, informative, well-written and fun to read"

    New York Times Book Review
  • "A considerable delight - funny, acute and remarkably evocative"

    Time Out
  • "Irresistible.. His story is so good that at times it reads like an unusually well-written thriller, then suddenly it turns into lyrical, highly-descriptive travel writing"

    Irish Times