• "[Heilpern] writes with infectious verve, championing the plays against carpers and cavillers, and showing how close they were to their creator's raw experience. Above all he celebrates Osborne's cross-grained vitality. His book brings a flesh-and-blood human being back from the shades, shouting, like Jimmy Porter 'Hallelujah! I'm alive!'"

    John Carey, Sunday Times
  • "His biography is surely a model of its kind: tightly written, vivid, witty, knowledgeable and with a seamless, and often moving, interweaving of the past and present"

    Craig Brown, Mail on Sunday
  • "An enjoyable, exhaustive, well-researched and highly readable biography"

    Michael Arditti, Independent
  • "Heilpern has produced a riveting biography - Heilpern orchestrates his complex narrative with flair and contrives to invoke affection in the face of bad behaviour....judicious and dependable"

    Valerie Grove, The Times
  • "Osborne has found his ideal biographer"

    John Banville