• "A great writer who spoke brilliantly to a whole generation"

    Alec Guinness
  • "The setting of his life is beautifully observed and conveyed. I have never admired his writing more - the masterly skill and economy; the excitement he manages to pump, not just into the narrative, but into the very sentences, which throb and glow themselves"

  • "A subversive hero, self-consciously seeking out (in Browning's words) 'the dangerous edge of things,' who lived everywhere and nowhere, a man whom few people ever knew... Greene was a restless traveler, a committed writer, a terrible husband, an appalling father and an admitted manic-depressive"

    New York Times
  • "This is the work of a remarkable man determined to show he is not particularly remarkable...his fame is secure"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "Greene wrote some of the most commanding English novels of the twentieth century and some of the slickest commercial thrillers"