• "Jack's narrative of Sand's helter-skelter life - one so packed with love affairs and work and friendships and quarrels and travel that she seemed almost literally never to sleep - is swift, lucid and emotionally looking behind the amazing spectacle at the vexed events and complex ideas that created it, Belinda Jack has written an illuminating and engaging book"

    Sunday Times
  • "Belinda Jack's excellent biography sets this life out against the back-drop of empire, republic, commune...She has made a fine use of rich material"

  • "She (Jack) is admirably familiar with the full extent of Sand's prolific output which enables her to feast on rich anecdotes and indulge us with pithy dictums...You are holly convinced that George Sand was a phenomenon"

    The Express
  • "This is clever stuff, brilliantly in key with late 20th century preoccupations. Here is a book for grownups"

    Robert Nye, The Scotsman
  • "It is Jack's particular triumph to show that George Sand was always more than the sexy rebel of popular imagining"

    Literary Review

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