• "His optimism is unquenchable, his excitement exhilarating and his creativity awesome"

  • "If Will Hutton were a political party I would vote for him"

    David Aaronovitch, Independent
  • "Passionately sane, rich in ideas, The State We're In breathes human sense back into economics and eloquently embodies the spirit of a new optimism"

    Ian McEwan
  • "Hutton acknowledges two great influences: J.M. Keynes and J.K. Galbraith... Hutton's bestseller will do for their theories what Stephen Hawking did for cosmology in A Brief History of Time"

    Martin Vander Weyer, Daily Telegraph
  • "Now, in Will Hutton's book, we have at last what we need - an impassioned, and passionately cogent, critique of New Right policy"

    John Gray, Guardian