• "A magnificent novel"

  • "A superb achievement"

    New York Times
  • "The best thing he has ever written"

  • "He is this country's unrivalled literary giant...a fascinatingly strange, unique and gripping novel"

    Independent on Sunday
  • "McEwan's best novel so far, his masterpiece"

    Evening Standard
  • "A beautiful and majestic fictional panorama"

    John Updike
  • "Subtle as well as powerful, adeptly encompassing comedy as well as atrocity, Atonement is a richly intricate book... A superb achievement"

    Sunday Times
  • "Atonement is a is also an elegy to a time which, however volatile, still had certainties"

    The Times
  • "An evocative depiction of the dangers of innocence and ignorance in the face of uncomfortable reality."

  • "Brilliantly explores the currents of guilt, shame and anger... Utterly satisfying, complete"