• "Sensitive and intelligent... Julia Blackburn has steeped herself in her subject and in the period"

    Irish Times
  • "A near-perfect work... combines lyrical style with such exceptional imaginative power and intelligence"

    Sunday Times
  • "Reading Ms Blackburn's work, you have the uncanny sensation that you have met Goya, felt his honest horny hands, watched him work"

  • "Julia Blackburn has developed her own technique for marrying the 'granite' of fact with the rainbow of personality... Her prose is elegant and precise, illuminated by intelligence, curiosity and a refined visual sense... When the book is closed, her evocation of the life and times of "old man Goya" lives on, a succession of brilliantly lit images in the mind's eye"

    Literary Review
  • "Julia Blackburn has an extraordinary talent for thinking herself into other worlds... So vivid are her conjurings of lives lived elsewhere or long ago, you begin to suspect she sees ghosts"

    Marina Benjamin, Evening Standard