• "It bracingly reanimates an era of frenzy that longed to burn the world clean"

    The Guardian
  • "The mud and blood, visions and ideals of 16th-century Europe come back to gruesome, glorious life"

    The Independent
  • "Big and bloody and breathtaking: a crush of colour and crowds, exotic locations and war."

    The Times
  • "Imagine Umberto Eco's knack for the swashbuckling thriller-of-ideas crossed with an artful touch of the Le Carr's - it boasts pace, colour, excitement and suspense to spare- Q works like a charm as a sordid, splendid period romp."

  • "If ever there was a novel that deserved to win prizes, accolades and plaudits, it is Q - A rich, inventive and immensely powerful book - Q is a great novel, one that tells us about ourselves and how we came to be here."

    Scotland on Sunday