• "A highly enjoyable read: well-informed, overview of the period seen from the underside"

    Sunday Telegraph
  • "Not only is the background of social and political change meticulously accurate...but there is everything one would expect from a well-kept diary. This is fiction: yet it is true"

  • "A beautifully crafted novel about the cost of war... Forster is as distinguished a biographer and memoir-writer as she is a novelist. She is an old hand at making a story out of the fragments of a life"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "We believe in Millicent whole-heartedly and come to love her - she has a heroism that George Eliot would recognise. It may be fiction, but it's also - convincingly, tragically and often exhilaratingly - real life"

    Independent on Sunday
  • "A richly textured, skilfully structured and highly enjoyable novel by an experienced writer at the peak of her powers"

    Times Literary Supplement