• "Carver is the king of short fiction. His writing hits you in the pit of your stomach, and haunts you with its disenchantment. It's almost visceral."

  • "Carver has made himself the natural successor to his true mentor, Chekhov"

    Financial Times
  • "He is alert to the unique, inconspicuous incident, when a life or a marriage may change course decisively"

    Sunday Telegraph
  • "Carver's stories celebrate some lasting aspects of the human condition, however minimal, conjuring up a quality of fellow feeling which gives the stories a compelling, dry-eyed poignancy, a melancholy but intensely moving authenticity"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "There is nobody else like him. In some ways his pared-down style is an extreme development of the Hemingway style, but Carver writes about women and the ways men relate to them far more convincingly than Hemingway ever did"

    Frank Kermode