• "A story of love, betrayal, and violence that kept me turning the pages to the end"

    Susan Cheever
  • "A beautiful piece of writing - infused with the themes of family, death, loyalty, and romantic love - I think we're going to hear a lot more about this very fine novelist"

    James Lee Burke
  • "

    A taut psychological drama that carried me through from first page to last - a voice that can render exquisitely the sharpest truths of the human heart and the finest details of a passing landscape all at once


    Bret Lott, author of JEWEL
  • "Mirror Lake is a strong and gentle book about friendship, loneliness, and the transcendent stubbornness of the human heart. A sweet, sad story, full of surprises and resonant of the green mountains and clear waters of Vermont"

    John Hough, Jr., author of THE LAST SUMMER
  • "A stunning accomplishment, Mirror Lake reaffirms the true power of love and its resounding ability to transform the human heart"

    Nelson Demille