• "If you haven't done so yet, read Politkovskaya's books: A Dirty War and Putin's Russia"

  • "Read this book to discover the true nature of the Russian state under Putin, a state where corruption, torture and murder are franchised out to his friends and the friends of his friends... Its assault on the Russian state is electrifying"

  • "Politkovskaya chronicles the deathly thud of the Russian war machine and the anguished cries of those crushed in its tread...[She] was awarded Amnesty's prestigious Global award for human-rights journalism. Maybe there is yet hope that the truth will out"

  • "One of the most respected and feared journalists in the world...Despite death threats, she defied state intimidation with dispatches that investigated the true nature of the Russian occupation and documented atrocities against the Chechen people"

    Daily Telegraph