• This is a cracking read...Character and situation are evoked with masterful economy of language, and the taut, crisp sentences impart a hypnotic quality, as though it were a dream swiftly noted down on waking, before it fades

  • The novel's structure makes arresting use of a Metaphysical-like conceit linking the macrocosm and the microcosm - eternity and mortality, black holes and blank memories, dying stars and dead mothers - while the prose itself is admirably short on pretension and subtle in its emotional layering. Thubron's skill as a travel writer comes to the fore in the evocation of the earth's exotic places, dangerous heights and dark depths, the latter echoing the murky terrain of Edward's mind

    Sunday Times
  • The writing is spare and unfussy, and in the book's closing stages the basic thriller mechanism - what horrible secret lurks in memory's locked attic? - is screwed tighter with each page


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