• "Of all the books written about Philby and his associates, Philby's is still the one most worth reading."

    The Times
  • "Far more gripping than any novel of espionage I can remember"

    Graham Greene
  • "To this day I am convinced that he was not an ideologue. Spying was just his way of being above lesser mortals"

    Nigel West
  • "Addictive . . . highly polished . . . written with style and a feline sense of irony, making it a much better read than any of the other Philby literature"

    The Guardian
  • "Philby has no home, no women, no faith. Behind the inbred upper-class arrogance, the taste for adventure, lies the self-hate of a vain misfit for whom nothing will ever be worthy of his loyalty. In the last instance, Philby is driven by the incurable drug of deceit itself"

    John Le Carre