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    Praise for Fresh Kills:
    Nadelson gets better and better.


    Daily Mirror
  • "A gripping, tense and complex novel."

    Marcel Berlins, The Times
  • "This is brilliant portrait of a sensitive, brave man and a traumatised society at a time when London's 7th July bombers had just revived the twin-towers terror. Nadelson has written an unusually passionate and sensitive thriller."

    Literary Review
  • "A nail biter of a thriller that'll keep you reading to the last word"

    Daily Express
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    Praise for Red Hook:
    Red Hook is New York noir for the 21st century, with cop Cohen the classic New Yorker: sexy, mournful, smart, funny, screwed up... Everything comes together in a finale so involving you won't sleep until you turn the last page.'


    Helena Kennedy, Guardian

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