• "The late medieval world, teetering on the edge of discoveries and ideas that will hurl it into one more recognisably like ours...evoked with a force and wit that are breathtaking"

    Financial Times
  • "A novel of sunning intelligence, linguistic richness, thematic complexity"

    Il Giorno
  • "This novel belongs with Voltaire' philosophical tales-in the entertaining guise of an erudite fiction story, it is also a vibrant plea for freedom, moderation and wisdom"

  • "A brilliant deconstruction of the traditional crime novel"

    Mail on Sunday
  • "Whether you’re into Sherlock Holmes, Montaillou, Borges, the nouvelle critique, the Rule of St. Benedict, metaphysics, library design, or The Thing from the Crypt, you’ll love it. Who can that miss out?"

    Sunday Times